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Saving Money with Scoin is quick and Simple. Your Change back of small bills and coins can now go digital and directly to your Scoin Savings Wallet, and ready for you to pay any one or make any purchase.


Scoin App available for Android & iOS device.

Why do you need Scoin

Pay Anyone

Scoin makes it convenient to pay anyone,( personal trainer, music teacher or your pet sitter) , friends and family.

Absolutely FREE, NO FEES

Pay with Cash, get Scoin

Get a grip on the coin game! We’ve partnered with retailers nationwide to help get rid of that jingly ‘change’!

Pay with Scoin balance

Scoin makes it easy for you to use your Scoin balance to pay for that coffee, or even a utility bill, and more. Plus get discounts.

Withdraw your Scoin

Scoin makes it super painless to withdraw & transfer your Scoin balance to your bank.

Load up your Scoin wallet

You can load your Scoin wallet by simply adding more funds from your bank through the mobile app and start getting all benefits of Scoin at merchants and participating retailers

Just getting started

It is just the beginning, Scoin is set to sail and grow into a community. Lot of exciting partnerships are underway with tons of great features like getting a gift card at discount price, donate to charity, invest, online shopping and many more.

How Scoin works?

At a store, just pay by cash and provide your phone number, your balance will be sent to your Scoin account.

Pay or purchase using your Scoin balance securely, by entering your phone number and your personal “Scoin PIN”.

Check balances, transactions, move to bank, load your Scoin all through your iOS or Android Mobile app.

Scoin is very secure

Scoin is very secure and all Scoin account funds are managed by FDIC insured bank, where your account is protected and secured using 256-bit encryption.

Keep track of your Scoin balance anytime using the iOS and Android app on your smartphone.



App available for Android, Apple devices.

Download and start your effortless saving with Scoin – your digital wallet.

Scoin Merchant

Scoin is getting popular among small, medium and big merchants to participate in “Scoin Merchant program” and reaping the benefits of accepting payments through Scoin. Scoin affiliation means more savings and more customers.