Pay Anyone

Scoin adds another level of convenience with the family and friends transfer feature! Picture this, your friend, BFF gets word of an amazing deal on that event you’ve all been dreaming about. Of course, she buys you a ticket before they sell-out, now you can pay her back quick and securely with Scoin, simply create a transfer from your Scoin account to her and boom she’s all paid-back. Next time pay your personal trainer from your savings in a snap!

Scoin transfers are perfect for helping out family and friends who you may see them, meet them often or maybe they live in another state or city. Scoin makes it convenient to send money to anyone without worry of fees.

There are so many exciting ways to use Scoin. Utilize our social media and other contact list integrations to invite friends and family to Scoin. Once your crew is on board, you’ll see how simple it is to transfer Scoin funds to them on the platform. The uses for Scoin are really endless!

Seamlessly easy

Pay with Cash, get Scoin

We’ve all done it, tossed our change, refused our change, donated our change. Loose change, noisy change it doesn’t matter how we describe it, we get it, coins are annoying. It’s your Coin, keep it and use it. Scoin helps you get a grip on the coin game! We’ve partnered with retailers nationwide to help get rid of that jingly ‘change’!

How easy is it? Pay with cash at your favorite retailer and when the cashier tries to hand you back that inconsiderate object called change, simply wave your hand and ask your change to be added to Scoin instead. Not a lucky member of Scoin? It’s ok, just type in your phone number where you pay and you are instantly a member upon your change being deposited. Easily keep track of your Scoin account balance using the Scoin APP. So ya, you could say we digitize your change. That’s all there is to it, if you can remember your phone number you can use Scoin.

Here’s a great example of how your Scoin app can be so much more than a way to recapture your loose change from cash transactions. Let’s say you have been using Scoin at participating Scoin Merchants all month long. After utilizing a very popular cash-only budgeting method that involves only spending the cash in an envelope each month, you find that your Scoin account has $$$ just from recapturing loose change that month.

Pay with Scoin at Retailers/Vendors- It is your money!

It’s your Scoin, so use it. Now that you’re not losing or giving away your change it’s sure adding up, isn’t it? We make it easy for you to use your Scoin to pay for that coffee, or even a utility bill, simply provide your phone number when completing a purchase at a retailer or pay using Scoin App. Not only have we partnered with retailers across the globe to offer you Scoin, but we also asked participating retailers to give you some killer discounts on your purchases when using Scoin.

Now this has to all sound better than finding loose change in the couch cushions. Bet your never thought all that loose change lying around would ever add up to anything right…?

  • Scoin Merchants are always looking for new ways to reward you for using Scoin!
  • Check back regularly for Scoin promotions that will save you money at your favorite merchants.

Turn on app notifications to receive new Scoin promotions as they become available

Moving funds in & out

Load up/ Deposit into your Scoin account

Enjoying all the discounts and benefits Scoin has been hooking you up with at retailers?

Keep the Scoin going. You can easily “load-up” your Scoin account by making a deposit from your checking account. Make sure you’re Scoin account is loaded-up before you go out to your favorite retailers, so you can take advantage of all the benefits Scoin throws your way.

Open you Scoin App anytime and setup a transfer from your bank account straight into Scoin, boom you’re done.